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What you need to know about well water testing

The Maine Center for Disease Control is urging Mainers to get their well water tested for a host of naturally occurring compounds that can cause health problems over time if left untreated. More...

Water Treatment, Water Filtration and Water Purification

We use all our senses to eliminate water borne contaminates like iron, bacteria, lead, arsenic, radon and manganese just to name a few. Filtering your water does more than just enhance the taste; it keeps your family healthy. Contaminants in your water can cause a wide range of health problems from mental and physical development in children to several types of cancer. In addition it can ruin your household appliances and heat/hot water systems, costing you money.


We understand and are committed to helping you become aware of the elements that make up water in your house. We strive to provide Prompt, Personable Service. Private Wells, Well Pumps, Water Filters, Arsenic Removal, Reverse Osmosis Filtration for Private & Public Water Systems.


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Well Chlorination Instructions

Water Treatment - Water filtration & Purification in Southern Maine